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The process of making the western suit is not an easy task. There are 128 main steps and 212 supplementary steps. Every step is particular and mistake- free. There has about more than hundred thousand patterns, more than hundred thousand fabric materials and more than one million of varies buttons and neckties. It is indeed difficult to choose from so many varieties of patterns, fabric, buttons and neckties. Hence, the communication between the customer and the tailor is the most crucial.

Steps of communication
Customers favorite fabric, age, gender, identity, color match, specific occasion have to goes along with the suit. Therefore, customer and the tailor need to have good communication.

Choosing fabric material
Tailor will aid in choosing the most suitable fabric to match with his skin tone and body figure. At this time, tailor also helps in choosing the most suitable clothing accessories.

Accurate measurement
Due to different measurement of everyone body, tailor needs to measure it accurately to produce a prefect suit. Customer is measured on the spot by the tailor. Besides that, the tailor will measure the body according to the current style trend as he needs to follow current fashion trend.

Drawing sketch of the western suit
With the measurements, the tailor will design the outlay, cut the fabric, temporarily needling and then after the customer will try it on. Then and then, the tailor will make any proper and needed adjustments.

Trying on and make adjustment
During the temporary needling and cutting of fabric, the tailor needs to pay attention to the shoulder, neck, sleeve and the several parts of the body. Careful checking needed to be made on the length and wide of the suit with the customers' body. Here, customer were to tell their opinion to the tailor, whether it is comfortable or too tight.

Niche sewing
To complete the suit, tailor then start sewing stitch by stitch.

Final step
Tailor will match the body with the event of the occasion, whether it is wedding, graduation, business or others. Last inspection is made when the suit is completed by wearing it onto the customers' body.


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