Perfect Shirt

In terms of quality and patterns, the coat and the shirt is the main item to be chosen carefully. The shirt is picked according to individual personal desire as one coat able to represent the elegancy of the wearer.


  • After knowing the shirt and necktie value and the individual taste, we learnt how to match.

The Matching

  • Start from the coat then the shirt following with the necktie, these are the choosing order. The coat is the main character. No matter color, size, material, the matching priority is given to the coat.

Color Matching

  • Coat, shirt and necktie colors are the best matching principle.
  • Coat, shirt and necktie are plain in color mostly likeable by many.
  • 2 plain and 1 pattern.
  • 2 patterns and 1 plain.

Style of Necktie

  • Plain color (Single color) : It is popular and focuses on the matching of the coat.
  • Polka-dot (Diamond/ Square shape) : It is well-known to show steadiness and cool attitude.
  • Stripes : No matter vertical or horizontal, everyone like it as it gives a look of gentlemen and generosity.
  • Checkers : Shows with good taste yet down-to-earth.
  • Big flowery shape : Able to portray personal character however it need to be carefully pick as too good can turned into bad.

How to choose a necktie

  • Bright color with great hospitality.
  • Lighter color soft, gentle and fresh.
  • Darker color steady, fashionable and reliable.

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