Knowing the Dresscoat

Evening Dresscoat

  • Evening Dresscoat is one of the formal dresscoat suitable to wear anytime, especially during party, evening dress party, wedding ceremony, award ceremony and etc.
  • The specialty of this dresscoat is black in color with a shape of a long swallow tail. The color is made of soft silk and the trousers are in duo color. The edge of the trousers is sewn with silk twice. The proper evening dresscoat is match with white bowtie and black shoes.

Morning Coat

  • Morning Coat is use for morning proper use during ceremony, New Year, welcoming guests, wedding reception and etc. To complete the prefect match of a long black overcoat, it needs a black background trousers with stripes, necktie of zebra color or silver-grey necktie goes with white or black hand gloves.


  • Tuxedo is the formal wear for evening. According to the international wearing standard, it is only allowed to be worn after 3pm. It is suitable for musical concert, wedding ceremony and dinner. Tuxedo is the simplified version of the Evening Dresscoat. The design/ style of tuxedo are single row of buttons or double rows of buttons. The collar comes in of sword shape or suit shape. No matter what type of collar, the front of the collar is sewn with silk. The trouser is made of silk matched with belt that is from the coat.
  • On the whole, besides black color, the tuxedo comes in typical silver-grey, white, pure-white and prune red.

The following are the matching accessories

  • Bowtie.
  • Belt.
  • Handkerchief for the pocket.

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