About Western Suit

Ways of Cleaning

  • After wearing, brush from top to bottom.
  • If stained, immediate wipe softly with wet cloth.
  • The coat is meant for dry cleaning, roughly 2-3 times in 3 months.
  • Inform the location of the stain when coat is brought to the dry cleaning.

How to Keep Suit Properly

  • Use hanger for coat and shirt; use special-made trouser hanger to hang the trousers.
  • Immediate hang after taking off the coat.
  • Before hanging, pockets need to be emptied.
  • Before storage, remove the plastic protector given by the dry cleaning.

Wearing Rules

  • Fine tidy and clean.
  • Tailoring suitable to the body/figure.
  • Style/ design suitable to the time of the occasion.
  • Suitable to the seasons.
  • Age, identity matched with the accessories.
  • Depends on the event of the occasion.
  • Take off coat and hat after entering the house.
  • Shining shoes.
  • Not loose or too tight on the belt.
  • Buttons, zips are worn properly.
  • The coat's pocket cannot be filled with too much things.
  • Necktie is in length covering the buckle of the belt.
  • The last button of the coat is not necessary to be buttoned.

Wearing Restriction

  • The sleeves of the shirt have to be longer than the suit.
  • The shirt has to be tuck-in neatly.
  • Shirt collar cannot be too tight/ loose.
  • Necktie cannot be too short. Coat, shirt, trouser and pocket cannot be filled with too many things.
  • Button collar to wear necktie.
  • Trouser too short will reveal the socks.

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