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The Men's Shop was established since 1989, started in a shop that only sells coat and western suit. The owner of the The Men's Shop is Jackie Chong. He was being taught by several famous traditional teachers.

Clothing is an ongoing fashion trend, therefore he needs to be careful as his traditional works can be very challenging. He clearly understands that the ready-made clothing industry can be very competitive therefore there is a challenge to his business. Although he was educated with old thinking, he needs to get rid of it in order to follow the new fashion so that he is still in the business.

For him, tailored-made is an art, as he uses special measure skill and his judgment of beauty. Nowadays, he matches the skill taught by his teacher with the current fashion trend. Overall the 28 years, his unique taste had outbid the price of the tailored-made value which his promise of trust to his customer.

Prefect tailored-made is highly demand by him and his promise to his customers. He hopes wearing his art can make that person be the centre of attraction in every event.

Besides that, in Malaysia’s multi-cultural country, the The Men's Shop techniques ought to have modified art and continuous improvements. Jakie’s have multi-cultural customers who are from various races, therefore he designed fine made Malay clothing and accessories as well as other race’s garment. Customer will feel the eager to go back to The Men's Shop as it is like a home to them. They are treated with good service and friendliness.Customer orientated is our motto. Prefect hand made is our promise.


The Men's Shop Tailor CityONE

MF15 & MF16, Mall 1,
First Floor CityONE Megamall, No 1,  Jalan Song
93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
tel : +60 82-532 688
fax : +60 82-532 688



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